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Why Swallow’s Tail?

The elegant shape of a swallow’s tail inspired Chinese poets, artists and architects for many centuries. The curved end of a Chinese roof is called a “swallow’s tail”. The traditional Swallow’s Tail roof crowns the Home of Acupuncture, here in London, and symbolises the land in which acupuncture therapy originated from and the style of acupuncture offered at the Swallow’s Tail Clinic.






About your therapist MARINA BROOUN

Marina Brooun has completed her BSc Acupuncture and MSc Chinese Herbal Medicine training at the University of Westminster. She is constantly expanding her theoretical and practical knowledge through learning different approaches to holistic treatment.
Marina Brooun is a member of the professional NO HANDS Massage Association.  She has been practising massage since 2007. Marina has been refining her massage techniques during the past years. Her understanding of giving and receiving touch was fundamentally transformed by discovering the unique NO HANDS approach to massage. Marina’s dearest wish is to share the magic of NO HANDS touch with the world.