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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Here at Swallow’s Tail we offer Chinese Herbal Medicine. This is a unique, ancient system of using herb’s flavour, energy and synergy to restore good health. Pharmaceutical drugs often have high concentrations of herbal constituents in them, which don’t naturally occur in plants. They can be life saving but there is always a price to pay (drug side effects). At Swallow’s Tail we use whole herbs from reliable UK suppliers, which are of high quality standards. Each herbal prescription is individually tailored which therefore requires an in-depth initial consultation. If you are on medication you will be asked to provide a full list of your prescriptions with their dosages. 

Herb preparation

We recommend using a large thermos flask (e.g. Thermocafe 1.8L) for brewing your herbs for convenience. All you have to do is put your kettle on, empty your herbs into a flask and fill it up with boiling water. Your medicine will be ready overnight (12 hours). This will save about an hour of your time and some money as the flask method yields twice as much medicine. 

How much does it cost?

Face to face consultation, formula prescription and dispensing – £35


Follow-up via text message (when face to face consultation is not necessary), formula revision and dispensing – £15


Herbal prescription – £6/bag or £3/day (thermos brew)


Collection from Yi Dao Clinic: free


Royal Mail 1st class post: £4